Type of Membership

UCX endeavours to connect with various market participants through a simplified membership process coupled with an innovative membership fee structure which is affordable yet optimum. This aims to encourage broader engagement and participation from the prospective members in commodities derivative trading.
Trading Member (TM)
Trading Membership entitles the members to trade on their own account as well as on account of their clients. TMs have no rights to clear and settle such trades. All TMs need to be affiliated with any one of our Trading-Cum-Clearing Member (TCM) or Professional Clearing Member (PCM) having clearing rights on our exchange.
Trading-Cum-Clearing Member (TCM)
TCMs are entitled to trade on their own account, as well as on accounts of clients, and clear and settle such trades at the exchange.
Professional Clearing Member (PCM)
PCMs are entitled only to clear and settle trades executed by Trading Members and trading-cum-clearing members on UCX.

Clearing Membership shall confer upon the member a right to clear and settle the trades executed by Trading Members (TMs) /Trading-cum-Clearing Members (TCMs) of the Exchange. Concept of clearing member is being introduced by the Exchange to encourage lending against commodities by the banks and other financial intermediaries wherein they can themselves take clearing membership of the Exchange and facilitate settlement of trades of commodities pledged by the participants without release of pledge. This is likely to ensure full recovery of the money lend by them for commodity trades.