Membership Admission Process

  1. Submission of completed application form along with documents & payments.
  2. Processing of application by the exchange.
  3. Interview of membership admission committee*
  4. Issuance of "in principle" Membership approved letter by UCX.
  5. Acceptance of terms of approval by applicant by return of acknowledged copy of approval letter along with the remaining documents, if any - not submitted earlier.
  6. Grant of membership by UCX and submission of form MR to FMC for registration.
  7. Allotment of UMC registration number by FMC.
  8. Activation of trading terminal by UCX.
*Note: UCX may waive interview requirement for an applicant who is a member of other national-level multi commodity exchange/s having screen-based trading platform, subject to submission of satisfactory "Conduct report" issued by the concerned exchange/s