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At UCX, the career opportunities are immense and diverse in nature. Discover what it means to be an integral part of this fascinating and evolving business. We intend to grow through nurturing our people and ultimately aim to develop as a world – class organization.
UCX HR Philosophy
UCX foundations are based on Employee development, recognition, values and empowerment. Though very young in its space, UCX attracts some of the best talents and is a workplace that inspires high performance creative execution.

UCX aims to be the employer of choice in the evolving commodity industry in India. We seek to be recognized as a Value Based, Forward Thinking and a Progressive High Performance Organization, which strives for excellence in all that we do. We value, nurture and develop our people and recognize them as our most precious assets.

UCX is committed to provide a work environment which is driven by employees producing outstanding results and creating customer delight through empowerment and recognition, backed by planned organization & personal development initiatives and compensation and benefits strategy which is one of the best in the industry.
UCX is an innovative company which provides a working atmosphere that is very open and experimentative. The existence of an open environment fosters the exchange of ideas and views across the organization, facilitating the flow of information. It cuts the hierarchal barrier for sharing information and ideas and the employees have space for diversity of opinions and points of views, notwithstanding the person's position in the organization. The atmosphere is easy-going yet very professional. Deadlines are sacrosanct, yet there is a stress on balancing work and play. Every day is a new day with new challenges, new opportunities to learn and grow.

UCX believes
in three-fold growth of an employee:

  • Skills development
  • Personal development 
  • Financial growth

Meetings are quick, to the point with well-charted agendas. Self-discipline rather than enforced discipline is encouraged. New employees are quickly absorbed within the UCX family and made to feel at home from day one.

If you are interested in working with UCX, please mail your resume to [email protected]